I will help you to:

  • Feel like you're a good mum
  • AND
  • be personally fulfilled

(because achieving both can be hard)

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed and stretched to the max. It's time to

Take back control

this isn't how it's
supposed to be

Motherhood isn’t what you expected it to be. Your head is spinning, you’re not being supported, and the demands keep piling up.

And that nagging voice in your head keeps telling you that you’re doing it all wrong, you’re not good enough, and you’ll end up messing up your children.

You know good mums bring up happier, more fulfilled adults, but you’re struggling to get there.

I get it. I've got four young kids so I'm in the trenches with you.

Being a mum is the biggest challenge I've ever faced. By a country mile.

exhausted and guilty?

You promised yourself you wouldn’t shout at your children, but they got the better of you again. 

You had hoped to find a pocket of ‘me’ time this weekend, but before you know it, it’s Monday again.

You’d love to spend quality time with your partner, or read the children an extra bedtime story, but you’re so exhausted you just want to collapse on the sofa. On your own.

This isn’t how you want things to be.

wondering if
you're good enough?

You question whether you’re doing it right. Whether you’re a good mum. You’re struggling to cope with it all, but that’s really hard to admit. 

So you put on a brave face and keep on smiling.

But deep down you wonder how this is affecting your kids. Whether they’ll end up ready for the world. Whether they’ll end up even liking you. 


Am I a bad mother?

Right now, you’re not feeling and acting like the mum you thought you’d be. Like the mum you want to be for your children.

You don’t recognise yourself anymore and you feel like a failure. You feel like a terrible mum. Like you’re doing it all wrong.

And it hurts. Because you love your children more than anything, and you really are trying your best.

You desperately want to ‘get it right’ so your children have the best possible start, but right now you're just not sure how.

But I do.

Go from overloaded and exhausted …. to calm, competent and in control

I've reached boiling point too, so I get it.

But I also know exactly how to help because:

  • I've guided 100's of mums across the globe through Let's Conquer Motherhood
  • I've done 140+ interviews and workshops with other high-calibre, successful mothers
  • I've got four young kids of my own so I understand first hand the challenges you're facing

these mums were smart enough to
Get support

Sara Bussandri

Copy writer & author. Mum of 3

That thread was amazing – talk about high-calibre! I don’t get answers like that in other groups and certainly have never got anything like that in real life. And I talk about my son A LOT because I can’t figure him out. I’ve learnt more from that thread than in the last few years! (about our private Facebook group)

Elaine Oliver

events organiser. Mum of 2

Let’s Conquer Motherhood is such a great resource. The videos, audios and articles in bite size pieces are great to dive into and come back to again and again. But I especially love the community. Sharing ideas with other mums in the same situation as me is reassuring and helpful. Thank you.

Jenna Folairn

Founder of mum 2 mum penarth. Mum of 2

I’m a mum of two (aged 4 and 1) who struggles with energy levels, exhaustion, boredom, frustration, balancing work and home life. Lisa’s “Tired of Being Tired? Discover your Energy-Drains” Course made a big difference on a subconscious level because I went for a run in the rain this morning, first time in ages!!

Meet your Mummy Mentor

I’m Lisa York. Mum of four, host of The SuperMum Podcast and founder of Let’s Conquer Motherhood

A few years ago, my eldest son hurled a cot mattress down the stairs in fury, smashing a plate-sized hole in the wall. He’s autistic. Then, my second son, who has hyperactivity disorder knocked his drink on the floor. My little daughter promptly slipped on it and banged her head. I couldn’t get there quickly enough because I was giving my third son his daily chemotherapy to fight leukaemia.

It’s just another normal day in the York household. But it’s OK. I’m a coper. I’ve got tons of patience; I’m resilient and I have a huge emotional capacity. Or so I thought.

Most of the time I’m doing motherhood single-handedly as my Navy husband works long hours and is often overseas. And the relentless build up of not getting enough sleep, constantly solving kid fights, the endless meals, the scratching for ‘me’ time, trying to fit in my work, the lack of head space, the stress, the tension, the pressure … well, it all got too much and I snapped. 

Well, the spaghetti spoon snapped first actually. I whacked it against the worktop in a rage after yelling at my kids and storming upstairs. That’s when I knew this couldn’t go on. Things had to change. My doctor pronounced me ‘severely stressed’, which was the wake-up call I needed to do something about it.

And so I did.


I knew I needed to take back control, so I took matters in my own hands. I looked at where I was and where I wanted to be, and started to make small but positive changes. And I started to notice that when I took tiny, daily bite-sized actions that worked around myself and my family, change was possible. Slowly and gradually I saw my life transforming into what I wanted it to be.

These days, life is just as crazy, but what’s different, is me. 

  • I recognise that I have limited capacity and resources in the stage of motherhood I’m in, so I say no or ask for help when I need to. It means I avoid running around like a headless chicken and can be more present for my children and my husband.
  • I spend time caring for my body and my mind in small but powerful ways, so that I have healthy habits to fall back on when life throws stuff at me. 
  • I surround myself with people who understand how much of a roller-coaster this motherhood journey can be, so I have the support and advice I need to get back on track when the days feel hard. 


And you can do the same. Like me, family life will become joyful, and yes, you might even find yourself having fun with your kids! It’s won’t be perfect, but you’ll be in your zone. You’ll be exactly where you want to be, doing exactly what you want to do. And you’ll love it (at least, most of the time).

Here's the "I'm a Good Mum" Plan

  • STEP 1: Join Let's Conquer Motherhood straight away (the button is just below)
  • STEP 2: Follow the Success Path Formula
  • STEP 3: Get year-long email guidance
  • STEP 4: Accelerate your progress with Mummy Mentoring (optional)

Successful mums bring up strong resilient kids

you have to act now because your kids won't wait
it's time to take action

You only have one shot at motherhood so you need to get it right. 

Before time runs out. 

If not for yourself, then do it for your family. 

Don’t fight motherhood battles single-handedly. Stop feeling stressed out, over-worked and exhausted.

It’s time to get the support, insight and expert advice you need 

You’re just clicks away from being a better mum. 

It's too late when they're all grown up

Don’t look back with regret

Look back, smile, and know you’ve done a good job

back control

Say goodbye to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and take back control once again.

Enjoy contentment. Find balance. Reclaim your time. Banish guilt for good. Create boundless energy. Love your relationships. Relish a life full of vitality and enthusiasm. 

Let’s Conquer Motherhood will get you back on track and help you find joy in the everyday moments. 

capable & competent

Soon you’ll stop feeling like you’re doing it all wrong, because you won’t be. 

The opinions of others will be less relevant because you’ll be more confident in your own decision-making.  You’ll wholeheartedly believe that you’re doing your best every single day.

Then, watch the self-doubt and negative voice in your head magically melt away.

know that you're not
messing up your kids

No more wondering whether you’re raising your kids ‘successfully’. Or trying to convince the world that you’re ‘doing it right’. 

I’ll teach you to manage the expectations placed on you as a parent so you feel competent and capable. 

You’ll have the capacity to raise strong, resilient, competent kids. You’ll lead them intelligently by the example of your own life. 

You’ll know you’re a good mum.

these mum members took action to
create a better life

Kelli Bryant

physiotherapist. Mum of 3

My family moved to the French Alps a few years ago which was quite isolating, so I joined this lovely community to increase my support network and to help with some personal issues. I’m forever learning and trying to be the best version of me I can be which includes the being the best mum I can be. Let’s Conquer Motherhood is definitely helping me get there!

Marie Joyce

Mum of 2 on maternity leave

I love your videos! They provide great context, research and insights which, partnered with a practical tool kit, gives me the step by step guidance I need to make the changes. Thank you for being such a valuable contributor to my life.  You’ve given me the inspiration to believe I can make positive change and the  support, guidance and motivation that I have needed when I needed it. 

Stephanie M

positive psychologist. Mum of 2

I just wanted to say thank you for this [FB] post … for so many reasons but mostly for the accuracy it has for me today as well as all the replies that came along with it! We can be rational, logical creatures but sometimes a telepathic message and a warm hug (with yourself, a friend or the duvet) is the only remedy! I adore the group 💕 

I built Let’s Conquer Motherhood for mums in the trenches, like you and me

You’ll find everything you need to create the mum-life you crave, all under one roof

here's what you'll get when you
take action and join

success path formula

We start at the beginning, we'll take it slow, and we'll find your weak spots.

With my exclusive Success Path Formula, I'll first take you through the basics of understanding yourself and what makes you tick and explore why you feel so darned tired all the time. Then you'll learn about how to create successful habits that are lasting.

Once you have a better idea of where your at, you can focus on the area that needs most attention, be it your physical wellbeing, how to manage your feelings, where to find more time, career, relationships or developing a positive parenting mindset.

weekly emails series
Action stacking

If you feel bewildered by too much information coming at you at once, or get paralysed by what to do first, I've got you covered.

You'll receive an email from me every week for the full year to guide you through the program. I'll feed you bite-sized nuggets and make tiny suggestions about what to work on next.

This is very different from a failed new years resolution where you go full blast for a few weeks, find it's all too hard and give up. I know you don't have endless spare hours, so the actions are very manageable. You'll effortlessly slide new habits into your current routine and make lasting change.

This isn't about making a big bang up front, but by the end of the program you'll look back and realise you've come a really long way.

expert workshops

Behind me is a team of experts with whom I've created online workshops. We talk about a whole range of subjects from meditation to productivity and conquering the cooking to stress management. All delivered with mums in mind.

Busy mums often struggle to attend workshops locally and in person, so this is a great opportunity to be part of the action, wherever you are in the world. All you need is your phone or laptop and some time to yourself.

You'll get full access to all the workshops when you join. If you have any questions, you can talk to our experts directly via our private Facebook group.

courses & content

Our courses and content come in a range of styles and topics, all bite-sized, actionable and easy to implement.

I'm a firm believer that you can make big change through small baby steps. The video, audio and written courses, Quick Wins, challenges and discussions break down all elements of motherhood from the emotional to the practical and make it easy for you to make new habits and therefore create lasting change.

full access to the
Resource Library

Find what you need in a trice with our online library of resources. When you join Let's Conquer Motherhood you'll have instant full access to absolutely everything.

The exclusive courses, trainings, expert workshops, Quick Wins, challenges and discussion are all for members-only and the library is ever-growing.

Browse the content, choose the topic that resonates most and dive right in. All the content is linked to the relevant post in our private Facebook group so you can talk to other members about your work.

Facebook group

Our private Facebook Group is the beating heart of the Let's Conquer Motherhood community.

Within the group, our community is thriving; friendships are being made, in-depth conversations are happening, questions are being asked and answered.

You'll always find me hanging out in the group. I host regular Facebook Live sessions, help make connections and invite in guest experts. As well as that, you'll get all the insider perks and information, and get first dibs on any opportunities that come along.

optional 3 month
Mummy mentoring

If, like me, you're a mum who needs a helping hand from another mum who gets it, then Mummy Mentoring is for you.

During your time with your mentor, you'll have three one hour 1:1 video sessions. With support by your side, you'll dive deep into where your problem areas lie and what you can do to solve it. Outside of the sessions, your mentor is available via WhatsApp to encourage you, make suggestions and keep you on track.

You can choose to be mentored by me (Lisa York), otherwise I will personally match you with your best-fit mentor. I have Mummy Mentors across the globe, all of whom I've personally been helped by. They have a wealth of different skills and specialities to suit your individual needs so leave it with me to find the person who best suits your needs.

Simple 4-step process to becoming a better mum

It's crunch time. Will you join us?

  • Did you know: A mother's personal wellbeing directly impacts her child.
  • So quit beating yourself up, get supported, take action and FINALLY have the mum-life you dreamed of
  • Join NOW and we can start to make positive change (because it won't magically happen by doing nothing)

Capable mums raise exceptional kids

full access to the One year program

Take action NOW! It's too late when they've grown up
US$ 397
12 month unlimited access to program
  • Exclusive Success Path Formula
  • Weekly Action-Stacking Email to Keep You on Track
  • Video, Audio and Written Courses Created by Lisa York
  • Workshops, Guidance and Advice from Guest Experts
  • Full Access to Exclusive Content Library
  • Experts and Members-Only Private Facebook Group
  • Pop-Up New Content
  • Full Access for One Year
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Create New Connections with Like-Minded Mums
  • 3 Month Mummy Mentoring Package
  • 3 x One Hour 1:1 Sessions with your Mummy Mentor
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Support with your Mentor

program, with 3 months mummy mentoring

Professional Mentors available for wherever you live in the world
US$ 1,197
12 months, plus 3 months mentoring
  • Exclusive Success Path Formula
  • Weekly Action-Stacking Email to Keep You on Track
  • Video, Audio and Written Courses Created by Lisa York
  • Workshops, Guidance and Advice from Guest Experts
  • Full Access to Exclusive Content Library
  • Experts and Members-Only Private Facebook Group
  • Pop-Up New Content
  • Full Access for One Year
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Program
  • 3 Month Mummy Mentoring with a Personally Selected Coach
  • 3 x One Hour 1:1 Video Calls with your Mummy Mentor
  • 20 Min Call with Lisa York to Choose the Right Mentor for You
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Support for 3 Months with your Mentor

program & mentoring with lisa York

Limited spaces available. Book now to secure your spot
US$ 1,997
Access, plus mentoring with Lisa York
  • Exclusive Success Path Formula
  • Weekly Action-Stacking Email to Keep You on Track
  • Video, Audio and Written Courses Created by Lisa York
  • Workshops, Guidance and Advice from Guest Experts
  • Full Access to Exclusive Content Library
  • Experts and Members-Only Private Facebook Group
  • Pop-Up New Content
  • Full Access for One Year
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Program
  • 3 Month Mummy Mentoring Package with Lisa York
  • 3 x One Hour 1:1 Video Calls with Lisa York
  • Rare Opportunity to Work Directly with Lisa York
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Support for 3 Months with Lisa York

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • I'm extremely confident that you’ll find being part of Let's Conquer Motherhood to be transformational. If for whatever reason you don’t feel the same, just let me know at any point in your first 30-days and I’ll send you a full refund. Guaranteed.

It's in your hands

Everything in your life is a choice.

Choose a life where you’re in control. Make great decisions. Feel proud when you fall into bed at night of the incredible job you’re doing (even on the days when everything goes horribly wrong).

You only get one shot at motherhood, and in the blink of an eye, they'll be all grown up.

With Let's Conquer Motherhood you'll look back and feel in your bones that you’ve done the best you possibly could.

Because you're a great mum.

Got Questions?

A: If you’re busy mum who is lacking energy, feeling overwhelmed and wanting more from life but can’t find the time or enthusiasm, being a member of Let’s Conquer Motherhood WILL help you.

It’s been proven time and time again that if you learn from the best and surround yourself with like-minded people, your success will soar. Let’s Conquer Motherhood is a place that’s focused on making sure that you win in life, and as a mother.

My mission to make sure that EVERYONE who joins me, succeeds

A: The program lasts for one year and during that time I’ll guide you to take very small, but deliberate steps in the right direction. 

You’ll need to take time to read, watch or listen to the content. After that, it’s helpful if you can set aside some thinking and planning time each week. Although the actual ‘work’ doesn’t take long, you’ll need to commit to carrying it out by making tiny, incremental adjustments to your daily life.

You can work at your own pace on the things that are most important or necessary to you. Some areas you’ll want to dive into much deeper. Others, you may choose to bypass because you’ve already got it covered or it’s not right for you to put it into place at that moment. 

Either way, I won’t bog you down with needless information, or challenges that overwhelm you. Instead, you’ll work a step at a time to slowly and steadily build a more fulfilling life. 

I know you’re busy and life often gets in the way, but the more you put into Let’s Conquer Motherhood, the more you’ll benefit. Every little bit helps.

The fact is, the time you’re able to dedicate is different for everyone, and this will change as you go through each phase of their childhood. However, I recommend logging in regularly to get support, stay inspired and connect with other mums.

A: Yes! Absolutely.

One of my favourite parts of my work is getting to know other mums, and welcoming new members to our group is truly a pleasure. I’ve met new friends and developed may strong relationships with my members.

An interactive community is important to me so that I can create content and provide resources on an ongoing basis in response to your questions and needs. 

I spend time each week in the private Facebook Group answering questions and providing feedback. You’ll see me presenting the courses and training as well as joining the experts in their recorded workshops. 

I’m the central player in everything that happens within Let’s Conquer Motherhood and am always available at the end of every email I send you.

You also have the option to have intensive 1:1 time with me by taking advantage of my 3 month Mummy Mentoring program. Alternatively, if you choose to work with one of our other Mummy Mentors, I’ll jump on a 20 minute call with you so together we can decide on the best fit for you and your situation. 

All the content is designed to be short and snappy, so it’s easy for mums with a lot on their plate to digest. Much of the work is about sowing seeds of thought into your head, or changing the way you think or do things which actually takes no time at all. 

Let’s face it. You’ll never have enough time. I get it. I’m a busy mum in the trenches too. But sometimes you have to allow yourself that time. Change won’t happen by deciding you’ll do it tomorrow. Instead, if you take small, bite-sized action on a regular basis, you’ll start to see a better life unfolding.

And now is the time, because it’s too late when you’re kids are all grown up. I urge you to make the time and give yourself the gift of a more positive motherhood experience. Everyone around you will thank you. 

A: No. It’s better than than that, and comes one step before. 

Let’s Conquer Motherhood is about putting on your own oxygen mask first. When you take care of yourself and understand who you are, better parenting will naturally follow. 

I personally use a hybrid of different parenting styles and techniques that work alongside my own personal values. This is something I dive into in the program but I’m not prescriptive in a particular parenting style.

Once I better understood my own mind and started taking time out to work on myself, my kids’ behaviour miraculously improved (funny that!).

I’ll help you to achieve the same by being confident in your own decision making so family life can flow more easily.

A: Let’s Conquer Motherhood is designed to help you make long-lasting change by taking very small, bite-sized action over the one year duration of the program. 

By buying the program, you’re making a commitment to put into action my teachings. When you do, things will change and your life will gradually become richer. This won’t happen overnight, so it’s important to give it time.

However, if you feel that the program won’t be a good fit, I offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on the program only. No refunds will be granted after 30 days from the first purchase date. No refunds are granted for Mummy Mentoring sessions that have been used. 

If you have previously received a refund and purchase again at a later time, the new purchase will not qualify for the 30 day refund period. Please note that by purchasing the Let’s Conquer Motherhood program, you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy.

For Mummy Mentoring Packages: If, after your video consultation with Lisa York to select your coach, you are not satisfied with your mentor, we will have a second call and choose another suitable coach. Each appointment with a mentor will be deducted from your sessions.  

A: With the exception of myself, all the Mummy Mentors are fully qualified in their respective fields. We have a team of professional Psychologists, Life Coaches, Authors, Health and Fitness Therapists, Nutritionists, Occupational Therapists, Business Coaches, Meditation teachers and more. They’re all ready and waiting to guide you, hold you accountable and spur you on. 

As we go through the hand-selection process to find the right mentor for your needs, I will give you information about their background, experience and qualifications. 

I have worked in person with ALL the mentors on our team so can personally vouch for their ability to help you reach success, just like they did for me.

A: The action YOU take based on the help and support I give you, will have a direct effect on your results. Implementation is the key to changing your life for the better.

So, although only you can guarantee results, I can guarantee that I will do everything possible to provide a program that gives you the know-how, support and accountability you need to succeed in your journey through motherhood.

Whether you choose take action or not, is up to you. Like I always say at the end of my podcasts, ‘‘Only you can make the change which leads to a richer and fuller experience of motherhood.’’ But one thing I know for sure is I’ll be right beside you helping you every step of the way. 

Ready to

take back control?

It’s possible. Finally you can be the mum you want to be. 

But it’s only going to happen if you take action. I know it’s hard and I know you’re busy but the Let’s Conquer Motherhood community is ready to support you, advise you, and cheer you on along the way.

You don’t have to feel alone in this anymore.

Together, we’ll help you feel like you’ve GOT THIS. 

you're just clicks away from conquering motherhood