Understanding Yourself: The Key to a Simpler Life

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”, Socrates

One of the biggest realisations a mum can have is that, not only are you teaching your kids, but you’re teaching yourself alongside of it. And the best place to start is by learning about yourself.

You might think you know yourself quite well, but I urge you to dig deeper. Things will have changed a lot since you became a mum and you’re probably not be the person you used to be, or indeed, the person you want to be.

One of the key ingredients to success with this course is that you allow yourself time to think on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be for a long periods, but you do need to have some alone time on an ongoing basis.

This quiet time needs to be without stimulation (no smartphone, I’m sorry) and try to avoid interruptions from your kids or other people. Also, choose a place where you won’t be easily distracted e.g. choose to walk in the park rather than go to a cafe.

This course may help: Quick Win: Find Your Special Space

Find this pocket of time right away and put it into your calendar. I know it can be tricky, but I promise you, if you want it enough, it WILL be there. Claim it for yourself! This work is an essential step to becoming a better mum.

During your think time, pick off one of the 6 key areas to contemplate – core values, interests, personality, body rhythms, strengths and goals. This will take longer than 6 sessions so it’s great to keep this date-with-yourself as a regular fixture of your calendar.

Be warned. This alone time can be very confronting because you’re looking deep within yourself and you may not like what is revealed. I remember the moment, sat by a peaceful lake, when I realised I didn’t like my son. I felt awful and floods of tears engulfed me. But it was the start of a journey of understanding our relationship better, and nowadays I thoroughly enjoy his company.

Like me, you may need to first shed and cleanse before you can grow. Remember, this is part of the process, so be open to running with it.

Learning to be yourself is much easier said than done. This course is the first step of an ongoing, life-long journey. Don’t just fly through the material and consider it done. You should be continually exploring, discovering and learning. Finishing quickly is not the goal. In fact, the goal is to never finish.

Gain knowledge in whatever way you can through high-quality sources. No more mindlessly scrolling social media digesting other people’s opinions, my friend.

Instead, read books or Blinkist, listen to podcasts and audio books. Read articles from high-quality blogs such as Psychology Today, Lifehack and Huff Post (there are many, many more). Learning to understand yourself is the thread that should run through all the other work you do inside LCM and beyond.

You’ll find that as a result of thinking deeply about the 6 main areas that this thinking will seep into everyday life. Be a detective. Keep your eye out every day for more clues as to who you are, what drives and motivates you and what makes you tick.

In each section, I’ve made a video giving real-life examples and helpful insights into how you can discover more about yourself. I often find it helpful to hear how each element of understanding yourself can fit into your everyday life in a practical way.

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