The Art of Self-Care: Learning to Nourish Yourself | Suzy Reading


Self-care is the latest buzzword and, while awareness and appetite are strong, as a concept it remains nebulous and as a practise it is still illusive for many.

This workshop provides a practical, working definition of self-care, explores the reasons why we need it and breaks down the barriers to engaging in daily acts of nourishment. You’ll be empowered with time and energy efficient ways to unwind, re-energise and lift their mood.

Drawing on her skills as a Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Health Coach Suzy Reading teaches you how to reclaim time for daily nourishment in both mind and body.

Armed with the insight from this workshop you will have the tools to better manage stress and to boost your resilience in the face of future challenges.

You’ll leave the workshop with:

– Clarity on what self-care is, why we need it and how to do it
– Knowledge of a holistic self-care framework that empowers you with free, easy, time-efficient activities that ‘fill your cup’
– Inspiration for a bespoke self-care tool kit that will help you carve ‘me time’ back into daily life


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