The Art of Contentment | Jane Hinchliffe interviews Lisa York

When Jane Hinchcliffe asked if she could interview me about how I find contentment as a busy mum, it got me thinking. What is contentment, and indeed, am I content?

The first answer is, it’s feeling a peaceful satisfaction deep inside that everything is just right. The second answer is yes. But only some of the time.

I loved that Jane’s question forced me to delve deeper into why I only feel content some of the time, and what I could do to change that to ‘most of the time’.

Jane is an artist, and this interview was part of her year-long The Art of Contentment class where she combines portrait painting with a journey of self-discovery into contentment.

In this conversation, Jane asks me how my level of contentment deepened, despite the hardship of battling my son Benny’s leukaemia.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Interview Notes for some additional thoughts, ideas and scribblings about how I view contentment.

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