Sleep Sanity: A Guide to Better Sleep for Mums | Dr Clarissa Krisjansson

Dr. Clarissa Kristjansson is the founder of The Little Breathing Space a mindfulness-based coaching business. 

One of her key areas of focus is sleep, helping those who struggle to get to sleep, maintain sleep, who wake up too early, or don’t sleep well due to anxiety or a racing mind. Clarissa uses a unique ACT-mindfulness approach free from pills and potions and rules and rituals.

In this workshop Clarissa asks whether you’re getting enough sleep (probably not!), but addresses why it’s so important for you to do so. She explains the four key reasons why you might be sleeping badly and gives you some practical, easy to implement tools to promote better quality sleep. We’ll dive into some self-care for the sleep deprived and discuss how you can look at sleep in a new light. 

After sharing some of our own sleep stories and discussing the top tips for better sleep, Clarissa will have you sleeping like a baby.

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