Experience First Hand the Benefits of Meditation

I used to be the queen of finding excuses not to meditate. The number one reason for me was that I didn’t have time. I’m a busy mum, right?

The truth is, life is much clearer and takes far less effort if you’ve got a straight head. You’re wasting lots time by NOT meditating because you’re making mistakes, getting stressed out and focusing on the wrong things.

It’s like a writer saying, â€˜I don’t have the time to sharpen my pencil, so I’m going to write with it blunt’. You’re going to struggle.

So in order for you to experience first hand the benefits of meditation, you need to do it.

As you know, I’m not a meditation expert, so I’m going to hand you over to those in the know. There are two options – both are 7 day meditation practices for beginners to get you going.

Choose just one and you can come back to the other one later if you’re finding it hard to get the habit to stick.


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