Conquering the Laundry | Lisa York

Conquering the Laundry. Sounds boring, huh. But you know what? SO many mums talk about it – well, complain about it actually – that I thought you could use a little helping hand.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to keep that laundry monster under control so you’ll never have to re-wash clothes again or have frantic mornings scrambling around the bottom of the laundry basket looking for their elusive school top.

Let’s face it, laundry is never going to be something you’re leaping for joy over, but you will be high-five-ing me next time you settle down to watch Netflix and the pile of folding doesn’t have to come with you. 

Learn the fail-safe system that I’ve been using for years to keep on top of the laundry (and I promise I’ve made it as much fun as possible).

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